New Graphic Novel Review: 200


Rated 2 of 5 stars

I loved Jennifer Brody’s breakout trilogy, The 13th Continuum, so much that I pre-ordered her graphic novel, 200, as soon as I heard about it. While her trilogy was a breakout hit, this graphic novel falls flat for me, unfortunately. With wacky artistic style that doesn’t quite capture the characters facial expressions and ambiance lacking in depth, I found it hard to feel the emotions I was supposed to feel. The character relationship seemed sweet but had no real depth or history to cling to. Strange, since their relationship was supposed to be hundreds of years in the making yet seemed like a disjointed, one-sided love.

Brody attempts a very cool idea of people being vaccinated and living longer due to never getting sick. It is an uber interesting concept that pulled me in immediately. Unfortunately, there was not much explained by way of the concept which floated to the background of this love story. The futuristic atmosphere would have also been a highlight if I felt the artistic style warranted it. Overall, I was not impressed and my hopes were dashed since I love graphic novels. But I realized that I love graphic novels with meaty storylines and artwork that pulls me into the emotions and atmosphere. Sadly, this was a foul ball for me. I won’t give up on Brody just yet and neither should you.

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