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T.R. Horne, Author and Reviewer

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Contact me at Yoshima Books for review requests. I prefer print version but in rare cases review mobi files. Paperback or hardcover get priority always!

I like to read, review and talk about almost all genres! I don’t fancy historical or biographies but I’m willing to the review them if they are creative! I’m a bit tougher on fantasy novels because I fully commit, so the world needs to be well developed. I rate using stars similar to Goodreads. Here’s my rating scale info:

5 stars – One of my favorite books I’ve read in a long time. I will likely re-read this at some point and recommend to other reader friends. Buy it and keep it!

4 stars – Good story but there was something lacking. Nothing too big to take away from the story but I still enjoyed the read and would recommend. Buy it then loan it!

3 stars – Book was okay. I probably found some character development issues, cliche points or overly dramatic scenes. Or nothing was wrong and it was just simply not very memorable. Borrow it.

2 stars – This book drained me. It had either editing issues or serious development issues. Get it free but don’t waste your money.

1 star – I probably could not finish this book and it needs to be totally re-worked. Not recommended. Turn and run…

You can find me on Goodreads under AuthorTRHorne which is where most of my reviews come from and are posted but I link to all my social media accounts under @authortrhorne and normally take photos of all hard copies and share them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (about 10,000 reached and growing). I choose a select few books to highlight on YouTube (Yoshima Books) every month and I also post to Amazon on release day for ARCs or whenever I finish for regular copies. All opinions are mine and not coerced or influenced, so you will only receive an honest review. I publish ALL my reviews so have faith in your work or choose not to send it but if I accept it…it will be reviewed. So don’t delay, send over your advanced reader copies, new releases and books in need of review. I usually plan month-by-month but I can squeeze in advanced readers sooner.

Note to authors: Feel free to use snippets from the reviews on your books or advertising (as long as it keeps within the same vein of the review, please).


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