New Book Review: Golden Child


Rated 4 of 5 stars

Claire Adam takes the reader on an emotional journey as a struggling family tries to support the education of their twin sons. One son, born with a learning disability and the other with heightened educational abilities creates a landscape of confusion, pain and tough choices.

Set in the bush of Trinidad where poor families struggle to maintain water, electricity and food, Clyde is the head of the household and struggles with bringing in enough money. His pride is far greater than his need to go without. He will not accept help from anyone, other than his wife’s rich Uncle who treats him like a son. But when his Uncle dies and leaves him a substantial amount of money, his life becomes complicated. He can now send his twin sons to better schools and fearing others in the community will target them, he tells no one of the inheritance and continues to live as he did before the inheritance, saving the money to send his son with high potential to the best university.

Everything changes when his other son with disabilities goes missing.

This book is maddening to read because you see poor choices by the parents with the best of intentions. You’ll want to throw the book as you read why people block their own paths to greatness or hear people discouraging others. Then in the end, you’ll be crushed by the reality of this family and the choices they had to make.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

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