New Audiobook Review: WHITE LIES

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

I listened to this audiobook over the course of a few weeks while I was cooking or cleaning around the house. It had a decent starting scene that reeled me in pretty quickly, then slowed to a steady pace before a final reveal. This is a he said/she said style novel where the reader has to decide who is telling the truth. You won’t see the end coming, as I did not see it, but you’ll likely still wonder if some aspects of the story were true.

I thought Dawson painted dueling pictures of the main characters that creates the perfect stage for second-guessing ones original theory of events. Alex is a family doctor who is having marital problems. Her husband has cheated on her with a younger version and due to this, she is left angry, hurt and vulnerable. On a girls trip, she (possibly) shacks up with a young seventeen year old boy that will lead her life on an obsessive path to nearly losing everything.

Dawson creates a story that really makes you wonder who to trust and believe or if you should trust any character 100% since as people we are prone to “little white lies” on the daily basis. This dichotomy is what makes this story so hard to fully predict. The twist at the end will bring everything full circle and you’ll realize why this is called a psychological thriller. The only downside is that the characters can become whiny and the author does not tell you specifically which events actually happened. As for the narration of the audiobook, I found the voice pleasant and perfect for the characters as well as the English accent helped me place the story in the right locale. Well done and easy listen.

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