New Book Review: Rico Stays

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

While this is my first Duncan novel, meeting Rico in what turned out to be the middle of a series was nothing short of breathtaking. Rico is strong, smart-mouthed and somehow sexy as hell, even though this isn’t a picture book. He has the macho, no nonsense side but the protective strength most women adore. In this novel, Rico gets into a confrontation, innocently trying to save a child from the worst kind of mafia cronies, and in doing so, creates all new enemies. Two men are dead at the end of the encounter and one gets away. Men are dead that Rico knows will have friends that want revenge…unfortunately, he is in the hospital, injured and scarily vulnerable. Luckily, he has Jean who watches over him like an angel but let’s Rico, be Rico when its time to fight the bad guys.

While Duncan doesn’t write your average mafia crime thriller, Rico fits the bill for those that love the genre. For those that linger on the fringes of crime thriller (less mafia, more procedural) you’ll find that Rico still satisfies that need to follow how he gets to the criminals, how he works through his strategy. I thoroughly enjoyed this style of writing crime fiction because I am not really keen on meathead shoot-em-up style storylines. This story gives you some heart when Rico thinks about his girlfriend and his desire to help others in need. There were some areas that I found could be improved like some dialogue seemed contrived but it was minor enough that I just moved on in the story. Also, the secondary characters are one (maybe two) dimensional and I think Rico carries the book well by himself except that this is a series and I want to buy into the entire world, relationships and everything that orbit Rico’s life. Overall, this story is great for those that adore crime novels and fully fleshed out main characters.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

*Special thanks for the author and Book Publicity Services for sending me a softcopy to review. It’s a beautiful book! Check out more books at

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