New Book Review: Waking Up Dead

Waking Up Dead Audiobook

Rated 4 of 5 stars


Waking Up Dead by Margo Bond Collins, Narrated by Angel Clark was an interesting read. The concept itself was one that I found entertaining from the beginning. We listened to this novel while on a long road trip and the story kept our attention throughout. Now, there were things I didn’t enjoy…the narrator had a very limited cache of voices and many were too screechy/whiny for my taste. Luckily, the main character’s voice (which was the bulk of the book) was not as bad but had its moments. The narrator channeled a younger woman than the one portrayed in the book. The character was late twenties while the voice sounded 18 or so. Anyway, the storyline itself was good but had a few holes in the story (why didn’t this technical writer turned ghost find a way to have someone write down everything that happened and anonymously send it to police?) Other instances were so small, we just let them go and enjoyed the ride. The author does a good job of painting a picture and providing readers with some pretty gross visuals. I liked that a lot, honestly. In the end, I found the story enjoyable for those that like suspense with a little humor. Not sure if there will be additional books with this character as there were some unresolved issues with the main characters death that we were left hanging on with. Either way, I’d find it and listen to it.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

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