New Audiobook Review: Vicious

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed Schwab’s novel about two creative, intelligent college students who decide to study extraordinary abilities in people. When they find that the abilities can be gained by near death experiences, they embark on a journey that leaves many people caught in the crosshairs of right and wrong.

Schwab does a good job of creating characters that are endearing in their own way, even the villains have depth and understandable reasoning. In regards to the story pace, I felt it started a bit slow and I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like the book at all. About 30% into the story, I found something to cling to with the extraordinary (EO) research. Very interesting dynamics with near death experiences and seeing what unique skills EO’s have gained.

I listened to this on audiobook and thought the narrator was good. I thought his pace was spot on but his inflection in certain scenes were not what I expected. The ending was done well and I could feel the tension that was created by the narrator’s feeling and tone. Overall, a good novel for people who like stories with extraordinary abilities and moral dilemmas.

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