Meet the Author of Salvation Station: Kathryn Schleich

Author, Kathryn Schleich

Thank you for speaking with our readers about your debut novel, Salvation Station! I noticed a theme with some of your past writings revolve around religion and this one also follows that thread. Why do you find religion an interesting topic?

I was married to a Catholic deacon for over 20 years so religion at the time was a huge part of my life. My Master’s thesis explored the portrayal of Catholic women in Hollywood films. Religion is fascinating to me because there is such a dark underbelly of hypocrisy, lying, and manipulation that I saw very clearly.

Speaking of debut novels, how did you come up with the story line for Salvation Station?

My ex-husband would watch tele-evangelists in their expensive suits with the promise of salvation but you had to pay for the privilege. I did a ton of research on such organizations and was horrified at how gullible people were being conned.

Writers all have their quirks to get into their writing zone. What do you do to set the stage for a great writing session?

Coffee! And complete quiet. I can’t write with distractions. I have never understood how some people are able to write in coffee shops with so much talking and noise.

Some people believe art imitates life. Does your novel have a little bit of your true life in them? If so, what parts?

I came across people who couldn’t pay their bills because they were giving all of their money to a church. That’s the darkness I’m referring to. The part where Michelle Thomas confronts The Road to Calvary that her roommate, Jeanette, can’t help with expenses because all of her money goes to the program is based on a true story that happened to a friend.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us but before we go, what’s next for you? Anything in the works?

I’m planning to re-release a novel I self-published under a pen name years ago, “Shades of Darkness, Shades of Grace.” It was actually my debut novel and was inspired by true events that happened to my family. People have really enjoyed it. Then the current novel I’m working on and several short stories.

Interested in learning more about Kathryn? Make sure to visit her author page and chat with her on social media! Go to

Salvation Station is her first novel. It is available for sale on Amazon (click the book below to add to your cart).

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