New Audiobook Review: Patient Zero


Rated 3 of 5 stars

Maberry writes an action packed, zombie centered novel that balloons into the terrorism angle. We follow the story of a detective turned leader of a band of bad ass terrorist assassins under the DMS (Defense Military Sciences). The detective, Joe Ledger, is wondering why he was recruited for an elite, black ops team and soon realizes they want him to head it up (even over Navy Seal members…this got me scratching my head). When Joe realizes that a guy he killed a week ago is still walking around, not quite dead, he understands that there is a zombie issue brewing. He questions his ability to lead a rag tag team of tough guys but with a few punches and throat chops, they’re all in order and off to the first mission. While the cliche and sarcasm flies in the story, the backdrop of a terrorist cell (insert religious group here) begins to roll out the various phases of their plan which include a disease made to create super zombies. Joe and his team track down each phase, collect clues and investigate their own potential sympathizers until the big showdown.

The story is wrought with cliche, sarcastic dialogue and pent up male bravado. The protagonist is basically amazing at everything…fighting, investigating, getting the girl, and handling weapons. The author does a great job on the action scenes which helped keep the pace going as it did slow throughout the book. I found myself liking the main character even though he annoyed me to no end with the sarcasm, or maybe that was the narrator’s take on it. Even though the story was a bit slow for my tastes, I think people who like zombies will find a different appeal with a Jason Bourne-esque feel.

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