When Art Meets Authorship: Mustard Greens


Mustard Greens is a cinematic short story told through writing and film. Conceptually driven by Black people’s movement through space and time in context of environmental racism, the book is a story about Black survival, Black family, Black dreams, and Black love. 


This is a beautiful book to hold in your hands! From the thick dustjacket and well appointed artwork, you’ll find that you’re enveloped in an artistic novel that is like no other! Book review coming soon…This is where art meets authorship and implore you to take a chance and grab a copy at https://mikaiarion.com/shop


About the Author/Artist

Mikai Arion is an interdisciplinary artist creating work about race and gender identity, historical geography, environmental ontology, and social paradigm. With a focus in filmmaking and writing, she articulates intense commentaries about her socio-political concerns that manifest through her visual creations. Centering on her experiences as a Black American woman, she intends to present alternate realities that persist in the minds of those who interact with her work.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mikai is now based in Portland, Oregon.

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