New Book Review: Bad Mommy

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Tarryn Fisher book! This story is crazy as all hell on a purely psychological level. Literally everyone in the book had some sort of psyche issue.

We follow Fig Coxbury in the first part of the book. She is zany, obsessive and completely off her rocker. We see her as she stalks and obsesses over a child, the mother of the child and then finally, the husband in the family. Then…

Part two, we get to hear from the husband, Darius, point of view who is a certified psychiatrist that works with crazy all day. Little did, we know what was happening from his point of view. It’s completely wild!

Then the last part is from the point of view of the object of Fig’s obsession, Jolene. While Jolene is slow to figure out that she has an obsessive stalker on her hands, she soon realizes that Fig Coxbury is crazy…but she’s smart. I enjoyed this section of the book because I could finally feel some other emotion than shock.

I didn’t care for the end of the book because I wanted to see what actually happened with all the characters at the end, from their point of view. I especially didn’t like the way George was written (I thought he was make believe for about 75% of the book and even though he was talked about often, I never felt like he was IN the book). But I recommend this book for people who enjoy psychological domestic thrillers.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*purchased with my own coins


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