New Book Review: Binti (and book giveaway!)

Binti (Binti, #1)

Rated 3.5 of 5 stars

Okorafor’s novel about Binti, a young tribal woman who is selected to learn at a prestigious intergalactic university but finds her ship hijacked before arriving is an escape from most sci-fi fantasy novellas. While the story was short, at only 90 pages, it packs a punch. Readers will admire Binti’s fighting spirit, deep mathematical intellect and her proud ties to her heritage. I found the story to lack something, although I can’t quite pinpoint what is missing for me. The world seems to be developed enough to continue, the secondary character, Okwur, lacked background but that could possibly be coming in the follow-up novel. So while I enjoyed Binti, I didn’t feel very much depth. I know this is hard to do in 90 pages for a fantasy novel where the world requires so much building on its own, so there’s always that to think about. All in all, I enjoyed this short novel and will likely read more from this author. Recommended for readers who like sci-fi and culture mixed in with a little bit of special magic. Perfect choice for advanced middle grade readers.

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