New Book Review: Ricochet


Rating 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed Kathryn Berla’s new sci-fi novel, Ricochet. The story covers the idea of a multiverse and a scientist who uses his daughter as an experiment to test the limits of the multiverse. He has successfully allowed his daughter to travel between the multiverse to four different lives of herself. She sees how decisions that were made had a different outcome for her life. Ana, Tati, Tatyana and Tanya must all work together to find some way to help each others lives. While the story was very interesting in he beginning there were a few times within the middle and ending that I felt lost, especially when the girls got together, I couldn’t remember who was who. I also thought the explanation was lacking and should have been a little more solid because the ending seemed abrupt and not thoroughly explained. While I enjoyed the individual characters in this story, their coming together was not as fluid. The cover of this novel is absolutely gorgeous and vibrant. I liked the authors writing style, very simple and lends itself to teenage lingo. Overall, I think this is a good YA novel for younger readers who may not need the in depth story line like an adult may need.

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*Special thanks to @fluxbooks for the opportunity to review the novel for an honest opinion.

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