New Audiobook Review: Back Blast


Rated 4.5 of 5 stars

If you haven’t realized yet…I am totally invested in Mark Greaney’s Gray Man novels. Greaney has me completely raptured within minutes by the narrator, Jay Snyder, and his soothing yet intense voice that accurately captures the emotions of every character.

So the kicker in this book is that Court Gentry finally gets back to the United States. We’ve been waiting for this day, series book at series book. Finally, the prodigal son has returned. He is ready to fight back against the CIA SOS (Shoot On Sight) order he’s been under for 6 years. He can’t seem to figure out why he is under this order and vows to find answers upon returning to Washington, DC. Court does what he does best…he finds people. Subsequently, he starts finding answers and what was once a murky reason for the SOS is now becoming an intricate web that he hadn’t realized he played a large role in. And it may just make him see himself differently when he understands what he actually did to get the SOS.

Readers/listeners will follow the story closely. They’ll love the new and old band of characters and their importance to the story line. Greaney leaves no stone unturned, no matter how small to the story. For this, readers will be grateful and satisfied. This series is still highly recommended for readers who enjoy a little action and espionage.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

*Audiobook was purchased using Audible credits. 

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