New Book Review: Frankly in Love


Rated 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed David Yoon’s take on love in a taboo culture through this novel. He explores how we define ourselves within cultural, racial and heritage-based constructs as well as gives a subtle nod to Black Lives Matter (because they do!). The story follows teenager, Frank Li, as he navigates his childhood love. He meets and pines for his equally smart and endearing classmate, Brit but she is not Korean as he is and knows that his family does not want or accept their children dating outside their race. Clear racism, yes. But Frank is smitten by Brit and devises a plan with his friend, Joy (also a Korean with a boyfriend who is Chinese and therefore, unacceptable). The plan involves them working together by “fake” dating each other to make their families happy but allowing them to date the people they want to in secret. Secrets are divulged and things go a little haywire in this seemingly perfect plan. Highly recommended for people who enjoy young love, wit and a much deeper meaning beneath the surface of culture, race and puppy dog teenage love.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

Special thanks to #bookishfirst and #Putnam for sending a copy for review.

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