New Book Review: In At The Deep End

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

Kate Davies’ debut novel was a surprising, humorous and insightful British-based novel that, while LGBTQ+ based, is going to interest many readers of broad experience. I didn’t think I would enjoy the novel after the first 3 slow-going chapters on failed sex and unhappy life but as I continued on, I grew more and more attached to the main character, Julia and her plight to ignite her life in some way. Once she met Sam…the book takes on a life of it’s own and you’ll wonder WTF am I reading a few times and may even wonder, “should I be reading this?”. It gets personal. Raw. Real. REAL QUICK.

I found the writing to be light whilst also remaining deep. The author expertly crafts a way to make light of a situation while also educating on it. I found the characters to feel realistic and nuanced. Julia had a very authentic feel to her experiences and her own growth as an individual. You’ll want to shake her and cheer for her all at once. And oddly, you may see yourself in her as well. I think we’ve all made a bad decision or two in dating when it comes to what we think is love, excitement or normal.

Anyway, the story follows Julia as she realizes there is something off about her sex life. She’s lacking something. Soon she has a lesbian encounter that rocks her world on its end. She realizes that she has been suppressing her homosexual desires because well, she didn’t know what to do with them. When she finally opens herself up to explore her own desire she meets incredible people that encourage her to be herself. In finding herself, she also meets a person that wants to love her but in a different way than is probably healthy. She journey’s through her own feelings of lust, love and questioning what she wants from her life as a lesbian and what that future looks like is a struggle for her. Once she gains the strength from her friends and her own self awareness over time, she starts to realize who she really is and what she wants. And its so beautiful.

Readers that want to read crazy, outlandish sex scenes but with heart, love and the occasional intensity of drama  will adore this book. I’d recommend it to readers who don’t shy away from sex but also have an interest in learning about or seeing what an alternative lifestyle can look like…or simply readers who like a coming of age, growth story. It is all that and more.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*Special thanks to HMH Books for the softcopy to review. Check out for more info.

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