New Book Review: Morgan The Family

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Rated 3 of 5 stars

Beckenridge invites the reader into Morgan’s world from childhood to her current day. The story, while riddled with short choppy sentences and a few editing mishaps, comes across as authentic. Readers may believe that Morgan is a real person by the sheer detail that is shared throughout her life. Mind you, readers will not like Morgan at all. She is self-centered, makes horrible decisions and is not the best mother, friend or mate. She is flawed to the core. Readers will find solace in that justice is dealt to all parties who deserve it via medical issues.

The novel portrays Morgan as a victim of circumstance but readers will see through the thinly veiled attempt and see the character for someone they will neither root for or wish harm upon. The author left pertinent details out regarding any real descriptions of other people in the story beyond their basic looks and one or two character traits. She made every man a drunk and abusive but that built a thorough pattern for Morgan’s choice in men. I was interested to know more about the children involved and felt sickened by the level of disregard people had for repeated child molestation. The idea that money can buy anything is rampant in the novel and takes away a bit of the logic most readers will be looking for. All in all, it is a short book with lots of endless drama and bad decisions by the main character. Readers that like non-stop domestic drama and faulty main characters will breeze through this story.

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*Special thanks to the author and Archway Publishing for forwarding a softcopy for an honest review.

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