New Book Review: Curing My Venom

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Rated 4 of 5 stars

Poetry lovers will really dig this book! I found Rinum’s version of internal inquiry to be creative, dark and highly emotional. This book has a special treat as well. The writer has included black and white sketches throughout the book. While some are obviously disturbing, others are introspective and the reader really gets a clear look into Rinum’s soul. I loved the sections of the book that follow the course of ones feeling of ineptitude all the way to the realization that they control their own destiny. There will be some times that readers will find a poem or two a little far outside the realm of understanding but for the most part, you’ll grasp (and feel) the pain, longing, confusion, anger and then the desire, self-awareness and positivity. You’ll get a full circle range of emotions. My favorite poems were Panic Attack for its realism. I felt like I was there and could feel the raw emotion of a young girl going through a panic attack and having the fear that her love would leave her if he knew. Seed of Dreams struck me hard with its thought provoking message about how a person rises from failure and still has the will to dream big. Disguised War is short but impactful for its simple idea of inner turmoil. Readers will also enjoy the stream of thought through the writer leading them from pages all throughout the book as she links certain poems together. This gives it a ‘follow your own adventure’ appeal. It is profound because it allows readers to see the stream of thought and where emotions led for the writer. I enjoyed the journey through Rinum’s soul and know other readers will too.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

*Special thanks to the author for sending a softcopy for review.

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