New Book Mail: Curing My Venom (Poetry)


203 pages with B/W Illustrations, Independent Published

Goodreads Synopsis:

A spiritual journey through the five stages of grief.

Tiny speck of hope
peeking through my window
tell me what you seek
there is nothing for you here
maybe you should leave.
I am just an ounce of emptiness
fading behind this dark
stay away from me
before you lose your spark.

O’ my foolish child
how do you not know?
You are the light I come for
and yet you have no clue
this spark you see in me
is a reflection of you.


I flipped through the illustrations and they are beautiful black and white illustrations! I love books with illustrations, especially when tastefully done. I know this will be a heavy read for me because it involves depression and anxiety but I feel like it may just open my eyes a bit more to how people struggle with depression. This will be a May read, so stay tuned.

Check out the author at

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