New Book Review: Verity


Rated 5 of 5 stars

Verity is the type of novel that will require long discussions and debates about the intention of the author, the truth of the story and the analysis of the characters. Since this will be a spoiler-free review, I will not touch on any of those topics because they will likely give away the plot twist. So I will tell you what to expect when reading this, which I highly recommend you do.

Respectfully, Colleen Hoover writes in the contemporary realm but this book puts me in the mind of Gone Girl, the book and the movie. Verity reads well and there’s not a ton of foreshadowing to tell you what will happen and when but readers will discover there’s an underlying mystery that they want to know more about. Verity follows the story of Lowen, an unknown, struggling author, as she is propositioned by a publishing company to ghostwrite a famous authors final three books in a series. Verity is well known and loved by her fans for her villainous characters and for her technique in writing from their point of view. Unfortunately, after a car crash, she is in a vegetative state. Hence, Lowen’s good fortune to come to her home, look over her notes for the final books and continue the story for a hefty sum of money. As she comes to the home, she meets Verity and her husband and son. All seems well until Lowen starts digging deep into Verity’s writing and finds an autobiography filled with confessions.

The story moves at a fast pace due to the change in narrator every few chapters. You’ll read from Verity’s autobiography and feel her voice even though the main character sees her visually as brain dead. The juxtaposition of her strong written voice versus her weak body is a constant comparison in the readers mind. Lowen is a credible, albeit suffering, main character that we hate and love throughout the story. In the end, we don’t know how to feel about her and that to me provides the best discussion. Highly recommend this novel for book clubs!

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