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7 Questions with Sayde

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Author Sayde Scarlett


Author Sayde Scarlett shares her thoughts on her new novel, Clouds & Earth (it is the first book in The Peace Outside trilogy) as well as ruminates over utopian society and whether technology is helpful or hurtful to the future. Here’s 7 Questions with Sayde:

How do you think technology will continue to transform our lives in the coming
I definitely think that the speed of travel will decrease exponentially. When my mother first moved to Dubai, the flight took thirteen hours to get there from London. Now it takes six to seven hours. I can’t wait for that journey to be two hours. Medical technology will continue to reduce suffering and heartache. It will be an overwhelming boon to human well-being. The planet will be cleaner, greener and closer together.
The book touches on freedom of speech and expression — do you think these values
are in danger?
I do think these values are in danger. Partly because those defending them don’t always defend them well and with consideration. I also think even though freedom of speech is undoubtedly a positive thing, it doesn’t excuse you from the consequences of your words. If you make valid points with care and consideration – the right type of people appreciate it. If you use your words to hurt and insult people – you have to accept that people won’t like you.

What do you think are the caveats of a world ruled by such advanced technology?
I don’t see many downsides because ever advancing technology has been an amazing thing for humanity. Sometimes the rate of change can be overwhelming for some people. The only thing that worries me is that there’ll be less incentives to build human relationships because all our other needs are so easily catered for. Relationships
will always be hard but always worth putting in the extra effort.

How do you maintain a positive view about the future?
I look at the facts. There’s a site called Human Progress. I also read a lot of Steven Pinker.
There’s next to no empirical evidence to suggest the world is getting worse. That’s why my novel is set in a utopian society. It’s actually odd that there is so little utopian literature when there’s no evidence the world is getting worse.

Why do you think we need to re-educate people about the Enlightenment?
I hear talking heads and politicians reference Christianity and Judeo-Christian values a lot but I don’t hear a lot about Enlightenment or enlightened values. The transformation of the Enlightenment was a game-changer. When people talk about Western values, what they’re really talking about are Enlightenment values but they’re not well informed about that period of intellectual history.

There’s a lot of internal and external struggles in “Clouds and Earth” between good
and evil. Can you explain why you think this moral ambiguity is an important
aspect for your characters?
I personally dislike characters who are overtly dichotomous. Every character has to have
goodness and darkness inside them because every person in real life has goodness and darkness inside them. A perfect character is not only unrealistic but also undesirable. The flaws are what make a person endearing. Too much perfection is not charming.

Without giving too much away, what can fans look forward to in the next two
In the next two books Sandy will have to confront her past and her pain. Massi will have to take his place in the adult world and live up to his potential without getting distracted. Natalia will have to navigate her first taste of heartache.

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