New Book Review: Obsidio


Rated 4 of 5 stars

Well, damn. This trilogy is everything you want in a space war, fighting for justice and computer techy genius-ness. The third book in The Illuminae Files trilogy is a proper ending to such a harrowing journey. With prior books having characters that fought blood-sucking parasites, re-animation like plagues, mass homicide and even somewhat natural disasters like running out of oxygen, food and space…this book still manages to keep you on your toes. It uniquely questions the blurred lines of duty and honor, family and alliance. We have a coming together in this novel of all the characters who survived previous novels and they band together for a final stand against BeiTech troops. They have a plan that means certain death but if only a .00001% chance of success, they take it. All the characters strengths are laid out perfectly in this novel and each has their time to shine, even AIDAN. With quick wit, heartfelt relationships and flawed characters, you’ll find yourself picking favorites and rightfully so. The style of the novel lends itself to a quick read with the same dossier style as previous novels and although it builds slow in the first quarter of the book, it continues a steady climb to a crescendo. It has all the sci-fi intelligence, moments of glory and sadness that rip your heart out in equal measure. You’ll love this trilogy if you yearn for stories that have a fresh take on novel writing but give you the twists and turns that make you dizzy with anticipation.

Raging Book Review Highly Recommended

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