New ARC for Review: Clouds & Earth


Paperback, First Edition, 252 pages

Expected publication: March 26th 2019 by Xlibris

New ARC for Review!

I’ve been on a Sci-Fi kick as of lately and I’m super stoked to get a debut female author that writes within this genre! The author has an amazing story (you’ll hear more about her in the coming weeks so make sure to follow the blog). But first, let’s get down to the nitty gritty on Sayde Scarlett’s new novel. Here’s the synopsis:


The Long War changed everything for Lt. First Class Sandy Attiyeh, the peace she helped create seems to be working for everyone but her. This new world is so…well, so dull.

With her commanding officer keeping her at arm’s length, citing her rather unpredictable temperament, Sandy is willing prey for Lyndon Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton InfoSec, who needs someone to engage in a little corporate espionage. He offers good pay, interesting work, and excitement. Perfect.

But when Sandy’s face starts to show up on activists’ pamphlets, and rumors begin to circle regarding her alleged war crimes, any hopes she had of a future in the civilian world begin to unravel. Unable to escape Hamilton’s twisted ambitions, Sandy, caught between her old comrades and her new employer, must find a way to save the peace she gave everything for.

Clouds and Earth is the first installment in The Peace Outside trilogy and is a dark and thrilling tale of intrigue and espionage set in the data-driven world of tomorrow. Startling and prescient in equal measure, it is a must-read for fans of sci-fi and contemporary fiction alike.


Sounds gritty enough, right? When you mesh war crimes, female military leads and espionage….you got me hooked! I’ll be reviewing this novel in March so stay tuned!

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