New Book Review: Illuminae


Rated 5 of 5 stars

This epic, sci-fi journey by Kristoff & Kaufman will leave readers breathless. This is undoubtedly one book (err…trilogy) that I decided for the hype to die down before reading. I acquired all three books since they were rated so high. I didn’t think I’d hate them but I surely didn’t expect to love it as much as I do!

Illuminae follows Kady, Ezra and Aidan out in space. Kady and Ezra lived at a space station called Kerenza. They recently (as in that morning) broke off their relationship and were not in the best of moods with each other. Kady especially did not like Ezra at the time they were invaded by BeiTech. BeiTech released a virus as part of their plan to annihilate the humans living in Kerenza to take over their hermium supply. A nearby spaceship called the Alexander overhears a distress call and comes to assist. Only three ships make it out of the melee with as many refugees as they can hold. They chart a course away from BeiTech’s powerful ship, Lincoln. But Lincoln pursues them vigorously as they are the only survivors that could tell the story of what happened on Kerenza. Alexander’s AI is called Aidan and he is a smart, albeit sneaky and somewhat jaded friend/foe throughout the story. As they limp along to escape Lincoln’s impending doom, the three ships find themselves in a unique conundrum with Aidan at the center.

The story is fast paced and told through a dossier of various papers and videos. The unique style was refreshing and made me hate to put the book down. I didn’t know what each page would look like and that kept me equally intrigued as the story line itself. There’s so many layers within this story, emotionally and theoretically. The science is intriguing as well as the complex relationships. There is much growth shown by many characters and readers get invested in characters they meet if only for a moment.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be rolling right into Book 2, Gemina today. This book did not feel like 600+ pages (due to the pictures on various pages) but also because the story is quite addictive. Recommended for readers that want something different in sci-fi reading but demand action, emotion and triumph.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

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