New Book Review: Woman in the Woods


Rated 5 of 5 stars

Enthralled from start to finish! Tomasso never fails. He knows how to write horror and suspense with an eye for what will make readers squirm. His latest novella, Woman in the Woods, released on January 13th, delivers no different. I found myself unable to read this story in bed at night. The darkness seemed too alive. So after reading in the daylight, I still found myself suspensefully swiping Kindle pages to find out who did what and why. The story follows two story lines, Elissa and the loss of her 13 year old daughter to a murderer(s?) and Jeremy after his release from a mental institution back to his childhood home. The stories converge around the home Jeremy is left in a will by his murdered parents. He returns to this home with his Uncle to find that it is haunted. Jeremy finds himself in a fight for his sanity in the home and soon comes to realize there’s a story that he needs to follow in order to fully right everything in his world. Tomasso delivers exquisite writing that I’ve come to expect and won’t disappoint readers who love a good ghost story.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

*Special thanks to the author for gifting a copy for review.

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