New Graphic Comic Review: The Night Owl Society


Rated 2.5 of 5 stars

Venhaus and Bak team up to create a young adult graphic comic that follows a rag tag team of high school kids who focus on overthrowing a local mobster. The story started quick but burned too slow for a promising storyline of murder and mayhem. Most of the story was lost to bickering and jokes or sarcasm that didn’t quite land well. While my 11 year old son enjoyed this graphic comic, I found it to be too slow for what the story promised. The drawings were sometimes incomplete (not sure if that was artistic embellishment or laziness) but I was sort of hoping for the cover art to be the inside art or close to it…and well, it wasn’t. I sat this down at the halfway mark for a month then finished in under an hour because I hate to leave loose ends. 🙂

Raging Book Reviews Not Recommended

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