New ARC Review: Immortal Girls


176 pages
Expected publication: January 22nd 2019 by Real Books 360

Rated 2.75 of 5 stars

Rated 2.75 based on the beautiful book cover and the promising beginning. Stark writes a short novel of only 165 pages and unfortunately the story suffered due to the quick professions of love, awkward scenes and pretty blatant writing style change. At the start of the novel, I was thoroughly intrigued. The Immortal Girls are shown in their own day and time with their personal struggles. The writing in this stage of the book was very well done, adult and expressive. I felt for each character and was intrigued by what was happening during the time of their emergence into becoming an Immortal Girl. Unfortunately, once they all got together during present day chapters, it was miserably bad writing, almost childish in nature. There was even a scene where a character proclaims they have to take a dump in the bathroom. Who would think to write that other than a 10 year old? Lol. It was very strange and this happened numerous times throughout the second half of the story. I almost felt like the author was ready for the story to be over, so he rushed it to an end that lacked any emotion or true reasoning. I would probably mark this book as a middle grade book based on the writing style alone and the superhero concept but their were too many adult moments like rape and suicide to ever let a middle grader touch this novel. I wish the author would take out those things and make this a middle grade novel and explore the girl’s power and build relationships more.

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*Special thanks to JKS Communications for gifting a copy for review.

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