New Book Review: Off My Meds


Rated 4 of 5 stars

In the land of color comics, Taha’s black and white comics stand out for their throwback to the past. These comics put me in the mind of the younger me, scooping up the Sunday paper with its select black and white comic strips and perusing them on the floor of my childhood living room. When a book has a way to bring nostalgia into your life…you take note. Taha’s collection of comics are not in strip form as one might suspect but in one block or frame. So readers will enjoy the quick wit and the cheeky humor in a single frame. While some comic frames were political satire, there were many that touched on the incredulous ways we do things and how we rationalize everyday things like going to the doctor or visiting a seminar. I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor throughout and even those that fell flat were followed up by one uniquely clever.

For readers that enjoy the nostalgic black and white comics in a quick laugh format.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

*Special thanks to Silverstone Press for sending a copy to review.

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