New ARC Review: An Anonymous Girl


Available: January 9th

Rated 5 of 5 stars

Wow…let me take a moment to breathe after this one! Pekkanen and Hendricks have done it again after their smash hit, The Wife Between Us. From the very first page, we are sucked into the story of Jessica, “Jess”, a makeup artist struggling in New York who loves her craft but hates the hustle for money. She overhears a client talking about a survey that pays good money to participate and she finds herself finagling her way in on the day of the survey. Once she is approved to move ahead based on her answers to strange and intrusive questions, she starts feeling the buzz of anxiety in her gut. She’s sharing a lot of her personal information and has no idea who knows or how they will use it. But she finally feels at ease when she meets the beautiful and illustrious Dr. Shields, the researching professor. As they go through more uncomfortable tactics to get to the root of Jess’ issues, things get a little strange. Jess must figure out why Dr. Shields is doing this study and why SHE is the chosen one to complete it….before its too late.

Overall, readers will speed through the story at a lightning pace to see the ping pong match of emotional strategy used in this novel. The writing was perfectly matched to the tone and pace of the novel. I felt Jess to be a very well thought out character and the antagonist to be not-quite-the-antagonist but scary enough to make the hair raise on my arm a few times with uncertainty in the pit of my stomach. The ending will blow you away as the Pekkanen and Hendricks brand seems to consistently deliver on. I highly recommend this novel for anyone that likes a fast paced psychological thriller. Pre-Order this book NOW.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

*Special thanks to NetGalley for gifting me a copy for review.

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