New Book Review: The 7.5 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle


Rated 4 of 5 stars

There is a lot to love about Stuart Turton’s latest whodunit. We trek back in time to a masquerade ball hosted by the Hardcastle family. The guests are chosen with care and the day marks a time in history that will never be forgotten by many of the guests. The Hardcastle’s have a multitude of secrets and their guests even more so. Mystically, a man named Aiden Bishop, inhabits the bodies of different guests to solve a murder that occurs at the ball. He has 8 chances, 8 bodies to inhabit before the clock runs out and his memory is wiped clean for him to start all over again the next day. As a reader, you journey cautiously through each body and learn clues that you need and get sidetracked by clues that turn out to be useless. This is a perfect whodunit novel with a riveting twist at the end. Your mouth will drop open once you realize who the killer is.

Overall, the writing was done very well and I liked the overall persistence and determination of the main character Aiden. He was confused for most of the book and fighting against the urges of the bodies he inhabits but overall, his personality was likable and we, as readers, wanted him to win. The story moves very quickly but lulls in some spaces where things repeat but from a different point of view. I would have much rather moved on to new discoveries than read about an event that I saw from multiple different angles. Overall, I am pleased with the story, the writing and the concept. Definitely recommend to readers who like a good whodunit that doesn’t give the answers away easily. You’ll be guessing all the way to the end!

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended!

*Thanks to Sourcebooks for the ARC of this novel through Bookish Firsts. 

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