New Book Review: The Couple Next Door


Rated 4 of 5 stars

Enjoyed my first Lapena novel! Lots of twists and turns in this mystery thriller. Anne and Marco are a typical couple with a newborn baby struggling to find themselves as new parents. They decide to go to a dinner party next door and leave their baby asleep in her crib. They check on her every thirty minutes until the end of the night when they return home and find she is missing from her crib. The story follows Detective Rasbach as he tries to find baby Cora by weeding through the lives of anyone who had access to her. The readers will enjoy the rollercoaster of each person’s personality and notice how the investigative material is minimal. This is not a police procedural. You’re getting competing stories, bombshell secrets and lots of blackmail. Readers of domestic thrillers will enjoy this.

There were some structural issues with the writing which may bother some readers but I think it’s more of a style preference than an actual error. Lapena writes her suspense with very short basic sentences, I believe in order to give less detail and keep the reader on edge. The shorter sentences kept my eyes moving, brain processing, so it worked for me. There are also times when she repeats emotions that some may find a tad annoying. Even still, I enjoyed the fact that I didn’t know completely what was going on until close to the end. I liked the foreshadowing of the very, very end as well. Some may not like the darkness of the ending but I think it was fitting for this family. It did raise some questions as to why it took a father and not a child or husband to make an action occur but that’s a minimal question and didn’t detract from the ending too much. Overall, it was a thrilling read and I feel like the audiobook would be amazing.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*This book was purchased with my own money for review.

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