New Book Review: Fix Fear

FIX FEAR by SIC ILL - Book Cover

Rated 2 of 5 stars

I appreciate the author’s submission for review of this unique independent work. Unfortunately, the formatting, content and editing will need a bit of work to become ready for mass consumption. The book is a culmination of short stories, definitions of emotions and supposed cures for those emotions. The writer has a great concept of “a 12-step plan that can be easily accessed. Browse the table of contents and find the negative emotion you are feeling and read the suggested cure to fix your fear.”

The book has the following feelings as a guide and the author attempts to use short stories, quotes and “cures” for these feelings in each chapter:

1 – Blame
2 – Envy
3 – Fear
4 – Helplessness
5 – Impatience\Boredom
6 – Jealousy
7 – Pain
8 – Paranoia
9 – Rage\Anger
10 – Self Pity
11 – Vengeance\Revenge
12 – Worry

While the author states that this book isn’t supposed to be used for actual cures and readers should seek a medical doctor, it seems a bit unfounded in why the author is an expert in this area to write a book. As a reader, we wonder who is the author and why is he qualified to give the “cure”? So I believe the author did not think too far into how important the topic is and why doctors should likely write this type of material.

The bright spot were the short stories. Some were humorous while others a bit dark. I appreciated the break from the definitions and quotes. While the book is a short, fast read, I do think it needs more work and definitely more explanation as to how the author is qualified in the area.

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*Special thanks to the author for submitting this book for an honest review.

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