New Book Review: Rust & Stardust


Rated 4.5 of 5 stars

T.Greenwood took my heart on a rollercoaster ride this weekend. Once I picked up this book, I could NOT put it down! I felt like I was abandoning little Sally too if I did. That’s how psychologically gripping this novel is.

Sally Horner is a typical 11 year old girl looking for friendship. She yearns to be a part of a group of girls at her school but when she tries they tell her she must steal something from a local store in order to be initiated into their blood pact. Unfortunately, Sally is a good girl by nature and when she tries to steal a notebook, she gets caught by Frank La Salle. Frank tells her he’s the FBI and is taking her to jail for her crime. This is how Frank gets Sally to leave her family behind and attempt to hide her shame for stealing. Of course, the mean girls abandon her to her fate with this strange man and this is the start of Sally’s physical, psychological and emotional abuse at the hands of serial rapist, Frank La Salle.

This book will make you want to cry, fight, hold your children a little bit tighter. Poor Sally believes Frank’s lies as she came from a very sheltered family. As she gets older under his care, his feelings about her change and her life becomes in danger. Luckily Sally finds someone she can trust that helps her when she needs it most. The end of the story is heart-wrenching. You’ll definitely want to throw the book and cry into your pillow for a few minutes.

All in all, Greenwood writes an amazing Lolita-inspired story that is sure to have you enthralled. Highly recommended for people who don’t mind a tear-jerker or kidnapping or child abuse scenes (while not incredibly graphic, it’s equally intense).

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*Special thanks to Netgalley for this ebook.

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