New ARC Review: The Other Woman



Rated 3 of 5 stars

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones is a slow burn domestic story about Emily and Adam…and Adam’s treacherous mother, Pammie. Emily is an idealistic, eager-to-please girlfriend who is so smitten with being married to the emotionless, quick tempered Adam but finds her greatest rival is Adam’s mother. Pammie is hell bent on making sure Emily never marries her son Adam and she will stop at nothing to make it happen.

There are some things I liked in the story but most of those things occurred in the last 30 pages. The majority of the story was insanely boring to me! I see so many people rating this book highly based off the twist at the end when I was two seconds from DNF-ing it halfway through due to the stupidity of the characters and my desire to not have any faith or hope for a marriage between Emily and Adam. I disliked both Emily and Adam. Emily for being a constant pushover, questioning herself every decision and then not being in love with someone worthy or even slightly endearing to the reader. I didn’t want her to be with Adam so the whole “fight for the wedding” bit went out the window pretty quickly.

The only thing Emily liked about Adam was the sex because he exhibited no other traits worth staying for and she literally knew nothing about him or his past. Pammie on the other hand kept the story moving along with her snide comments and slippery antics. Even with those mean-girl traits, Pammie could not hold this book up entirely on her own. The relationships throughout the book seemed very forced. Adam and Emily had no background together. James and Kate were instantly in love and married. Even Emily’s friend Seb disappeared in the book. I found the final pages to be the most enjoyable due to the unfurling of drama but I prefer to read books I enjoy from the beginning until the very end. The twist at the end was decent but not anything that made me clutch my pearls. Recommended for those that like domestic drama and characters that throw common sense to the wind.

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