Fun Facts and Book Giveaway!


This week we are promoting R.L. Baxter’s fantasy graphic novel! This is an independent publisher and that’s just the start of all the great things this novel has in store for you. Here’s some fun facts about the author:

  1. My creativity is most at its peak during the late hours. As one can imagine, this isn’t very helpful when I have a day job. Thank God for coffee! coffee GIF


  1. Although I write fantasy, I prefer to read observations such as quantum theory or self-help.                                 books study GIF by SoulPancake


  1. I once spent an entire year writing a novel, only to delete it midway through. I know, I am a horrible person. However, some sacrifices are necessary, when striving for a story that a writer can be proud of. excited new girl GIF



Date: June 13 – 26, 2018


1. $10 Amazon Gift Card

2. eBook Copy of Mother Gaia by Ricky Baxter


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