New Book Review: The Ever After


Rated 2 of 5 stars

I read the first two chapters then put it down until this weekend. I finished it in two days once I picked it back up but unfortunately for me this novel falls flat. I found the story to be incredibly boring and one dimensional, no surprises. The story follows Josie and her husband, Frank, after she finds a racy email while using his phone. There’s no big drama here, which was a missed opportunity for the author to take us on a super sleuth journey but nope…she just tells her husband she found it and listens to him gravel. Josie then takes time away, complains about being a stay at home mom (while trying to slyly blame it on her husband), complains about her children constantly or just her life overall…hmmmm, wonder why he cheated, right? Lol. Anyway, the rest of the novel is her husband asking for forgiveness, her trying to trust again and lots of gossip and daily life I could’ve done without. My life is boring enough without reading about kids throwing up, throwing tantrums, cleaning houses and gossiping about cheaters whilst hiding from everyone else her husband cheated, then being scared to go at it alone. This book was far too realistic in that it’s every woman’s story and none of the interesting things about crazy ex lovers, devious snooping and mouth dropping evidence. There’s none of that, so don’t get excited folks.

Raging Book Reviews Not Recommended

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