New Book Release and Review: Mayfly



Rated 3.75 of 5 stars


Very interesting concept with Jeff Sweat’s YA apocalyptic fiction, Mayfly. The story follows Jemma and her rag tag crew of children who are looking for the reason they can’t live past the age of seventeen. When a mysterious plague kills all the adults and leaves the children alive, the world shifts to a new atmosphere of chaos, greed and survival. Jemma journey’s with friends from her town atop the hills near the Hollywood sign in California. While her groups main focus was making babies to keep the human race alive, Jemma doesn’t want that for her life and feels that there is something bigger outside the compound. She meets others along her journey to find answers that can help her understand more about the way life was, what is causing the End, and what actually happened to the parents before the plague.

The story is a bit slow in the beginning and there are uncomfortable scenes of underaged drinking, sex and rape. You will also get gruesome fighting scenes that host children soldiers along with subtle race relations. The concept is very well thought out and seamless although in the first half of the story, I think the author paid far too much attention in world building and not character building. I didn’t start caring about the characters until about 75% into the story. The last 25% of the story was very enjoyable and the full concept slowly comes into fruition. There is a small piece of the puzzle held all the way to the last chapter and this provided good payoff for the readers and definitely is quite bizarre. You will need to suspend your realism for a lot of this book and the end doesn’t disappoint in that fact either. While I enjoyed this books action and fighting sequences, I believe it may not be appropriate for the stated age group of 13-18. Some of the sex talk and rape scenes might be a bit too much. There is also a reference to a child dying from birthing another child and that may also be a bit too much for the age range. But reading as an adult, I found the concept to be the star of the show and the writing was done well enough. I recommend this book for readers that enjoy a good concept and don’t mind taboo subjects involving children.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

*This book was sent by the publisher for review. Grab a copy HERE

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