New Book Release and Review: Skyjack


Rated 4 of 5 stars

K.J. Howe knows how to write action! Thea Paris, a hostage negotiator, is fearless and tough but her soft spot is shown through her love of two African child soldiers that are being removed from the orphanage and into a loving home in the UK. Unfortunately, on their plane ride, escorted by Thea, it is hijacked thousands of feet in the air. Once landing, Thea must negotiate with an old foe and finds herself on the losing end of a deal that cost her a plane full of hostages. In her fight to get them back, her team bands together to fight multiple gangsters only to realize that the plot to kill millions as one of the largest, most widespread hate crimes is underway. With her heart split in so many directions, she finds help in places she didn’t guess and uncovers shady characters she wish she didn’t know.

Howe makes the ride of a lifetime from plane hijacking scenes, flying through storms, car chases, gun fights and escapes…this book will make your head spin from the action. You can tell the author does her research. At times, the detail was far too much for readers who just want to know what’s going to happen next but still, the writing is done well. This book is recommended for people who like kidnap and ransom or fast paced, butt kicking novels with all the guns, cars and airplane information you’d ever want!

*Special thanks to Quercus for the hardcover book for review. 



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