New Book Review: The Woman in the Window


Rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Finn is masterful at creating realistic characters with layers. I found the main character, Anna Fox, to be a witty, somewhat kooky movie buff that had a fear of going outside. This fear was predicated by a tragic event in her near past that exacerbates her need to feel safe. She spends her days drinking too much, self medicating and watching old black and white films. She sounds old, right? Wrong, she’s young but travelling through a constant haze and subliminal state of depression. She finds solace in still acting like a psychiatrist online in a group for people that have the same agoraphobia, fear of the outside. She meets people, chats, and gets to feel needed since she was/is a psychiatrist by trade.

The reader will find Dr. Anna Fox to be an incorrigible mess for most of the book. She watches her street like a hawk, always in other people’s business and even sometimes catching it on camera to relive later. When new neighbors move in on the corner, her life changes for the better and worse. She meets a new friend but then subsequently sees a murder. With all the drinking and medication, did she really see what she saw though?

This book is twisty and you’ll have to watch small clues to catch the end story. The story is very interesting and a quick read. You’ll want to know if Anna was right or was she just crazy. Or maybe a bit of both? You’ll have to read it to find out.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

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*Purchased with my own money for review.

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