New Comic Review: Chew


Rated 4 of 5 stars

While John Layman writes an entertaining and character rich plot-line, Rob Guillory delivers with his witty, funny drawings. I found the drawing style to be gritty yet realistic. I loved how the Guillory plants little witty items in many of his frames. I found myself looking forward to finding those little ingenious nuggets. So now to the story…

The story starts with Officer Tony Chu on a stakeout with his partner. Chu has a strange but intriguing gift. He is a cibiopath. A cibiopath is someone who can eat something and see its origins and everything about it when it was alive. So for instance, if he eats  hamburger, he sees and feels how the cow is slaughtered. Pretty distasteful, right? Well, it comes in handy for murders apparently. When he tastes a soup that was cooked with blood, he finds a serial killer. His big break leads to him being promoted to Special Crimes with FDA. He works alongside another cibiopath to solve recent and cold cases that have “material” they can use (i.e. eat). So following their tastebuds is a fun way to solve crime.

Readers who enjoy wittiness and different character strengths will love this comic book. I will definitely be buying the second comic in the series to continue finding out about all the little crumbs left along the way in this book. There’s a rogue agent, a vampire, a missing journalist and a shady mob boss that still need to come to fruition. The only con that I have is that there are a lot of unanswered questions in Book 1 but I also know that it takes time to introduce the reader to the strengths of the character since they are so different. So I’m hoping that Book 2 really starts explaining some of these questions.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

*Purchased at BookCon for review.

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