New Book Review: The Bloodline


Rated 3 of 5 stars

Independent author Sam J. writes a novel of pure drama, gossip and relationship woe. While being slightly far fetched at times, the story had an undeniable likability. The story follows the Noble sisters lives as they prepare for the will reading after their mothers death. In preparation for the reading, the readers follow each sister as they navigate their life. Life for the Noble sisters is tricky with betrayal, misplaced ambition and abuse. Readers will find keeping up with the constantly fluctuating storyline and addition of characters a bit dizzying. Not to mention 6 sisters with their own lives. I wished the book was shorter, more concise with characters and had a bit better editing (the tense and narrator changes often sometimes leaving the reader wondering if what they’re reading is even important… some of it was not). Overall, the sisters do not have closure at the end and neither will readers. The story ends abruptly without wrapping up how all the pieces fit together. The teaser for each sisters life was not clear at the end. I enjoyed the pure drama from the story but didn’t gain anything but momentary entertainment.


Cover notes: The cover has a good design! I really like the layered effect of the city and girl in the wedding dress. Very appealing! I received a paperback copy and found the copy to be a little grainy. I think the front and back copy may not have been the best quality images for actual printing but look good on the digital copy.

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 *Book sent by author for an honest review.

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