New Book Review: Sweet Revenge (Cookbook/ARC)


Rated 5 of 5 stars

Sweet Revenge is not just any cookbook…it’s going to be your favorite dessert cookbook (and breads too!). First, let’s talk about the general idea of the book. The writer and genius behind this book is Heather Kim. She’s funny, witty and bad ass. She’s a tattooed woman with ice water in her veins for exes. I literally laughed out loud while reading this cookbook to find the treats I wanted to make. Her wit and cunning bleeds into the design of the book with little faces drawn on the snacks and conversation bubbles reminiscent of moments before a failed relationship. I’m not in a failed relationship but I can definitely remember the feelings I had when I was and this book taps into that “F*&k It” feeling. Luckily, you get awesome treats in addition to the wit. Many of the items I had never even thought to try…popcorn in your dessert? Whaaaaaattt?! Candied Chicken Fat? Whaaaaaatttt?! Yes, you’ll get original ideas and some really cool stuff to show off for your friends and family. My husband thought the book looked pretty cool too and laughed at the cookie and milk conversation almost as hard as I did. Want to know what I’m talking about??? GET THIS COOKBOOK! You won’t regret it.

Hardcover, 224 pages
Expected publication: January 1st 2018
ISBN13: 9781630790899


Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*This book was sent by the publisher for an honest review.

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