New Book Review: Homegoing


Rated 4.5 of 5 stars

Yaa Gyasi really hits home with her novel, Homegoing. The story follows the lineage of two women from the Gold Coast and how their journey through their family heritage meet many years later. Each chapter alternates between the two families and as a reader, you realize that having a whole story in the span of a chapter is quite possible. Especially for great writers. I wasn’t expecting the back and forth so it was a bit jarring in the beginning. I felt as though I had missed something or couldn’t tie it together properly. Not until the center of the book did I realize that there was a very thin thread between the stories and they were mostly to be enjoyed on their own merit, chapter by chapter. Not your typical beginning, climax, end.

There were many things I enjoyed from the superb writing, the obvious historical references, the perfect capture of the time and place. There were very few things I didn’t like about this novel. The pace is slow and taking my time through each of the stories made it better rather than lag. I definitely felt like each chapter had its own flavor. The only downside would be the disjointed feeling that readers feel from chapter to chapter as well as losing place in which lineage you’re following. Overall, readers will get used to it and maybe, it was a clever way to make readers feel like the characters…disjointed from their families due to the slave trade, Jim Crow era, “war on drugs” timeframe and other moments in history that stood to tear the black family apart. This book is a must read for high schoolers because the discussion that could ensue would surely educate teens on what life was/is like for immigrants, black people and those who are struggling within a system built against their very livelihood.

Raging Book Reviews Highly Recommended

*Purchased with my own money.

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