ARC: Sweet Revenge (Cookbook)

Cover Image for Sweet Revenge

When I tell you I laughed out loud reading this cookbook…I’m not joking. You’ll find enough jokes, witty comments and awesome colorful pictures in this book to last a couple break-ups and make-ups. The background of the book is written by a bad ass tattoo artist that’s baked sweets to get over her failed romances and is sharing her best desserts with you. The book reads like the strong friend who helps kick you out of your sad slumber and forces you to do something you love like…eat sweet desserts without shame. What are friends for, right? The recipes themselves looked to be very well thought out and sweet things I’d never had or tried before…so that’s interesting. You won’t find these recipes or even their likeness in other books. It has a little something for everyone’s tastes and is an interesting, colorful, funny cookbook to keep you entertained while baking.


Publisher Capstone
Genre Young Adult
Released on Jan 01 2018
ISBN 9781630790899

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