I’m a Winner! (The Blood Line by Sam J.)

I’ve won a Goodreads giveaway for The Blood Line by Sam J! I’m excited to dive into this story in November. Here’s a little bit about the book in case you want to read it as well:



Sheri is finally in control and calling the shots in her career, family, and love life. Everything has seemingly come full circle, but with much power and success, hate and envy can only be expected…Will Sheri’s shady ways help her to triumph over her rivals or lead to her ultimate demise?

On the surface, Anuhea has the ‘perfect’ life – she’s the bride-to-be of one of the most influential men of the century, a proud mother, and successful in her own right, but it’s nothing more than a deceptive image she has struggled to uphold for years. No one knows the hell she endures behind closed doors and a trip down the aisle is the only thing she thinks she has left to hold on to until a steamy affair enthralls her into an emotional whirlwind and a mysterious phone call changes the course of her life forever.

Always the odd sister out, Shaun’s decision to cut off contact with her family is seemingly the best decision she’s ever made until a heart-wrenching encounter leads her to investigate whether her worse nightmare has been her reality all along. Troubled by past emotional wounds and a damaged reputation, Shaun remains haunted by the knife in her back – all the while stabbing her enemies in the front.

Cass spent half of her adulthood being the glue that kept her family from falling apart, raising her daughter in a way that would lead her down a different path, and playing the role of the family counsel. But what happens when you’re blind-sided by a string of events that are beyond your control? At the peak of a climactic breaking point, Cass is faced with the most trying decision she’s ever had to make.

All Bebe and Dottie have left now are each other, polar opposites in every way imagined, one promiscuous and the other ambitious with everything to lose. The secrets they vow to take with them to the grave turn out to be only the calm before the storm…

Specs: Paperback, 420 pages, Published September 15th 2017 by Sam J. Inc.
Check out the author at: http://www.samjwrites.com

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