New Book Review: Projekt 1065


Rated 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a young boy who is a spy in the Hitler Youth, an army of young boys preparing to wreak havoc for Hitler. He is the son of an Irish dignitary (ambassador). His mother is a very skilled spy that has saved him from more than one near death experience. She has the utmost respect and encouragement for her son while her husband (not a spy) is more fearful for his family and only hopes to keep them safe.

In the book, the reader follows Michael and his budding friendship with Fritz. Fritz is an unlikely friend and in the beginning, an unwanted friend. But Michael soon learns that Fritz has more information at his fingertips and Michael getting his hands on it could change the scope of the war.

I enjoyed the playfulness of the youth boys but also felt the palpable fear of being outside the Hitler Youth. For any boy that did not make the cut, his family would be in danger or even his own life. This was like many of the mafia stories but with children! I think readers who like historical fiction and especially appreciate this time period of the Nazi reign over Europe will like this book. Not too stuffy with facts and just enough history to take you to the place and time.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

*Purchased with my own money.


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