New Book Review: Station Eleven


Rated 3 of 5 stars

This post apocalyptic novel by Emily St. John Mandel was an easy going read. I ultimately liked the way she peppered information throughout the story that linked characters. There were some things I enjoyed and some that I kinda didn’t. So we’ll start with the enjoyable parts…

I liked the easy going nature of the writing and the character’s relationships with one another. The scenes were written with graphic intensity and I pictured every town, vision and life of the characters. I didn’t enjoy the constant bouncing around from present day to past in addition to the point of view from various characters. I got lost on more than one occasion on whether the story was in the present, past or just a thought in the present. There were way too many characters and relationships to follow. After putting the book down for a few days, I was completely lost when I picked it up again and the names started pouring into the story. There wasn’t anything completely “stand out” about any one character. The main character (I think) is Kirsten but there were moments in her life that were missing and we never got those tidbits to fully understand how she came to be this bad ass knife thrower. So I didn’t feel close to her by the end of the story. I felt the closest with Clark because he had a pretty good backstory (not without its own holes mind you) but he was definitely likable and easy to follow his trajectory throughout the story. I always wondered why Jeevan’s storyline was a part of the book…I just didn’t understand what I was supposed to get from his storyline? Maybe someone who has read it can help me…

Anyway, I thought the story shows that the author has great writing skills but maybe the layout of the story was not the best. Too many characters. Not enough focus on key characters. Interesting idea but execution was not breathtaking. The end was the best as all things came together but wasn’t too exciting.

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*Purchased with my own money.

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