New Book Review: Hydromancist


Rated 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars of Greatness!

As always…Pauls delivers a great love story full of intrigue, angst and hot love making! There were times in the story where I wondered exactly how the main character was going to get out of the jam she was in and sure enough, it made me read all the way to the very end to get answers.

The story follows Maya Martin, a Cape Town orphan turned gangster in her early years, who was found by Cain, the leader of a paranormal task force, for extraordinary abilities to control water. Her skill is known as a hydromancist by paranormals and is very powerful and deadly. Cain has sent Maya on a mission close to her own heart. She must stop the illegal sale of arms which will be shipped by boat to Mozambique from Costa Rica. She must get close to the distributor, Tim Fardel, who happens to be a wealthy, heavily guarded ambassador. As she gets close to Tim, she learns that she is very attracted to him and his heart seems to be good. She feels conflicted in what her research has found on him and what he is showing her one on one.

By a fluke meeting with the head boss, she is targeted by him. Tim must do what he can to protect her but also has his own selfish motive for wanting to mark her as his own to keep her untouchable. Maya doesn’t realize that marking her will change her life forever.

This story was a very fast paced and satisfying read. It has romance, spying, fighting, sex and paranormal abilities. You get a taste of everything. I loved Maya in the previous novels so it was awesome to finally get her backstory and see her as more than a bad ass, quick witted woman. I also secretly liked the interracial love in this (but felt a little taken aback when she changed her dreads…I wanted her to stay in all her cultural glory and be loved by a handsome man that liked it too). Other than that, I withheld the final star because I think the ending was a bit quick and convenient regarding cures and the like. Overall, still a solid addition to the series!

Raging Book Reviews Recommended!

*This eBook was given to me by the author for an honest review.

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