New Book Review: Riding Chance


Rated 2 of 5 stars

Kendall’s debut shows promise with the story of Troy and his quest to find himself after the death of his mother. I’d tag this novel as a coming of age story although the ending was quite lackluster and didn’t tie in what the character actually learned about himself (which is sort of a key role of coming of age novels).

Troy is a young man, (possibly a teen?) that had been struggling with the death of his mother. He starts getting into trouble and gets a social worker that offers him a chance at the local stable to work off his community service. At first, he feels silly about the work, another rider is bullying him but he feels a closeness with the animals while he’s there. He gets close to a horse named Chance and she helps him silently work through problems, even though as a reader we miss what Troy is trying to gain outside being “cool” like the Polo players. We get a full scope of his want to fit in but is scared to do anything different. We get a sense of his strength and desire to make his family proud but never really get into any true depth behind his mother’s death or how he will deal with his anger or what he even learned from the program.

I thought the novel was very one dimensional and missed a real opportunity to dig deep into how the riding program could change a child. As a reader we saw through Troy’s actions that he was trying but never truly grasped if he understood if he, himself, had even changed and why.

*This book was given by the publisher at BookCon 2016 for an honest review.

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