New Book Review: The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named


Rated 5 of 5 stars


Thoroughly enjoyed the ruminations of Nicole Sealey’s chapbook! There were a few poems that really stood out as enlightening and thought provoking enough to make me sit in silence for a moment. While the chapbook is small, it definitely leaves you yearning for more whilst being completely satisfied. Poems like ‘Legendary’ made me shake my head in wonder. I could feel every ounce of sarcasm and realism in those lines but also sense the disparity. Other poems like ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ and ‘And’ were also strong pieces that made the reader gasp in shock at her true meaning or think deeply on what it is she truly meant. We realize that a house in Virginia, isn’t just a house.

This small, poetic masterpiece has won many awards and I can see why. The writer, or poet rather, has a way of bringing you into her thought process and asking you yours without ever asking a question. She forces you to think about her words and examine your own beliefs with what you find. I’d recommend this book for lovers of poetry that want to examine life as it is or escape into life as it should be.

Raging Book Reviews Recommended

*This book was received by the publisher at BookCon2016 for an honest review.

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